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God created the entire universe in only six days. But Shakespeare the cat wonders if it will take six years to get his creation story typed up. Shakespeare has an incredible story to tell but he just can t manage the typing skills. His brother, Dick- ens, is an excellent computer techie and typist, but he s proving very difficult to work with on this particular project. Shakespeare and Dickens are two cats who are as different as night and day. Shakespeare, the elder cat, is smaller and wiser and much more gentle. Dickens, on the other hand, is . . . well, let s just say that whenever he s involved, headaches and trouble usually follow close behind. Sometimes they are friends; sometimes they fight. But this project may serve to completely turn their relationship upside down. Shakespeare has some incredible history to relate; something he has witnessed personally. It seems he was an eye witness as God created the world and all that is in it. And therein lies the problem. For as he tries to re-tell what he witnessed, Shakespeare finds that Dickens is having a great deal of trouble understanding what he hears. If you like cats, Bible history, fun and adventure, come along with Shakespeare and Dickens on what promises to be the beginning of many more extraordinary stories to come. By the way, if you re wondering how it was that Shakespeare became an eyewitness to creation, we re not saying!



In the Gardens d

Shakespeare continues his Creation story with a more indepth discussion of things that continue to mystify his brother.  Join the two brothers for a delightful journey into the story of Redemption, told their way.  Includes more friends from Miss Mattie’s life – and a possible romance! Also includes a Dickens version of a dictionary to help you unscramble his vocabulary!

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Books currently in production:

In the Den and Flames – Shakespeare tries to reassure his brother when “cat”astrophic events occur in the Davis household – with stories from the greatest Story ever told.  Oh my what a romp!

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